Unity Center of Flushing
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Let Your Divinity unfold!

42-11 155th Street Flushing, NY 11355 *** Phone: 718-353-5887 *** Dial-A-Blessing:718-353-5908
Email: unityflushing@aol.com



A member of the Association of Unity Churches Affiliated with Unity School of Christianity: Publisher of the Daily Word.

 Service Every Sunday at 11 AM 


Vision Statement:

Our vision is an active, loving, financially supportive membership, committed to experiencing dynamic spiritual growth.

Mission Statement:

Unity Center of Flushing creates a safe environment that encourages people to discover and express their indwelling God Spirit. 

Special Prayer:

Divine order is now established and maintained in every phase of this ministry through the activity of the Christ. The mark of success us now upon us!

Thank you, GOD!